"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his

or her patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet,

and in the cause and prevention of disease." Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in a new patient exam?

New patient exam consists of history, physical exam which may include x-rays, review of exam findings and an explanation as to why you hurt, a discussion of diagnosis, explanation of treatment plan and its procedures, treatment and, of course, answering of any questions you may have.

Do you x-ray?

We will x-ray if it is deemed medially necessary through history, exam, or if you are not responding to treatment after a reasonable time and having an x-ray will change the course of treatment. We work to keep the cost down for the patient and do not like the idea of radiating patients with no benefit to treatment.  We do have a digital x-ray suite on site where Dr. Kekki will take the images as well as interpret and explain the images to the patient.

Do you only “adjust?”

No. Adjusting or manipulation of joint dysfunction is just one tool in our tool box. We understand the link between the soft tissues (i.e. muscles, fascia) and the joint and want to address this. We look to balance functional (i.e. muscle weakness) and structural (i.e. possible leg length inequalities) imbalances, mobilize soft tissues, and support the injury nutritionally to create the best environment for healing.

Do you treat only neck and back injuries?

No, absolutely not. We treat every joint in the body (TMJ, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle along with muscle strains such as a
hamstring pull) in addition to neck and back treatment.

If I start going to a chiropractor do I have to come forever?

Not necessarily... again, our style of treatment is aimed at addressing the root of the problem. We treat in this manner so you will not be dependent on us to keep you moving.  Chiropractic, however, is a lifestyle and because we address the nervous system via the skeletal and muscular system, we do believe in wellness care that will help you live your optimal health and well-being, even prolonging the aging process.

How many treatments do I need?

This will depend on the type of injury. Each person is different. Age, motivation of the patient, degree of injury, diet, and fitness level of the patient prior to injury is some of the factors that play into how many treatments are needed to get a person back to health.

Will my insurance cover chiropractic care and massage therapy?

Most chiropractic care is covered by the insurance companies, which recognize the value of chiropractic care.  Our services are also covered by Automobile Insurance, for those injured in auto accidents regardless of who is at-fault.  There is usually a co-payment and/or deductible with health insurance.  Our staff is able to find out what those payments would be.  If you are not sure whether your insurance company will cover treatment by our office, call our office, 561-575-2075 and give us your insurance information.  We will call them for you and then let you know what your insurance benefits include.

Can I come to you even though I am not an athlete?

Yes, of course! Our style of treatment is intended to get all patients back to health as quickly as possible regardless of what type of lifestyle they lead.